December 29, 2014

This Week's Obsession

I just can't stop watching these two...and had to share. Watch!


October 27, 2014

Beauty Diaries, Vol. 1: Hourglass Cosmetics

Welllll helloooooo there!

So I wanted to start a series on the blog that had to do with beauty products since it's pretty much an obsession of mine. Welcome to The Beauty Diaries, Volume 1. 

   For the first installment I wanted to introduce you to my latest brand obsession: Hourglass.

       With the onset of a new season, I went exploring in Sephora a few weeks ago on the hunt     for a new Fall foundation. I knew it was time to give up my light summer BB cream       routine, and I wanted something full coverage without feeling like I was caking it on. As    someone with problem skin (oh hello acne in my 20's, you SUCK), I was also looking for something that had skin benefits and not just coverage. 

Luckily, I met an awesome Sephora employee who knew exactly what to give me. Originally I was looking to switch back to BareMinerals, which I used to use throughout college. I was sick of the liquid foundation problems where every time I hugged someone I feared my face imprint was left on their shoulders (gah the worst).

This Hourglass foundation is miracles my friends. It's in a pump bottle that comes out as a liquid, but turns into a powder once it's on your face.  It has buildable coverage, but pretty much only takes two pumps for me to get a pretty full coverage on my entire face. It lasts almost the whole day, feels like velvet on my face, and has yet to make me break out even more, so basically...I'm in love. I was also convinced to buy the primer (feels like silk) AND their special Ambient powder that basically makes you look like you airbrushed your face in photos. 

 I'll also be on my way to get their concealer as well, but I had to have SOME self-control. It is a pricey brand, the products are not considered cheap whatsoever, but since I'm on my way to my later-er twenties (god help me) I've decided that one thing I am going to stop skimping on is skincare, and products that give me confidence and make me feel good about myself. I don't splurge on crazy things often, but these are definitely worth it my friends.

Hope you enjoyed the first Beauty Diaries entry!


September 15, 2014

Rituals Cosmetics and Birchbox

Happy Monday!

I'm really excited about my post today (that I'm finally writing as I sit on my couch, balancing my frozen yogurt and wine dinner. Living the life I tell ya)! I'm going to blame the combo of wine and the fro-yo sugar high on the massive online Sephora purchase I just made. Woops. Anyway, as usual, I digress.

This past Friday morning I had the opportunity through Birchbox to check out an awesome new (to me) brand at their Upper West Side store, Rituals Cosmetics. Lucky for me it was only a 20 minute walk up to their store so I checked it out before work...and I'm SO glad I did.

I'm now obsessed.

As a brand that originated in Amsterdam but uses Asia as inspiration for its products, they use gorgeous Cherry Blossom installments in every store as centerpieces. 

Not only was I greeted by the absolutely amazing, friendly and knowledgeable staff at Rituals....but they had mimosas and macaroons. Hello Friday.

May have only been a 20 minute walk...yet I always arrive so disheveled....

After some mingling with the lovely other ladies that were invited, we were brought into the back to hear the background and inspiration behind the brand. This explains their foundation perfectly:

"We believe happiness can be found in the smallest of things. It is our passion to transform your everyday routines into more meaningful moments".

From there, the product sampling began!

I'm going to need to go back for this one.

Then they did some scrub demos...and hand massages were involved (as if this Friday morning could get any better).

Basically, this blogger event was amazing. The ladies that run the NYC Rituals Cosmetics stores could not be more down to earth or more excited to share the story of Rituals Cosmetics. Though it's fairly new in the U.S., it growing rapidly and is apparently all over Europe already. And for good reason, their products are amazing and pretty affordable. 

AND THE BEST of you guys will be getting in on the Rituals action! Rituals made the morning even more amazing by gifting each of us 3 products from one of their lines, and then doubled it so we could share with our readers!

*all images taken by me

I chose to stick with their best selling line and pick products from Sakura. It smells amazing and I'm so excited for one of you to try! One lucky reader will get sent all of the above: a full size body cream, shower foam and exfoliating body scrub. Hello, relaxing shower time :)

All you have to do for a chance to win the products is use the rafflecopter below and Like ASPL on Facebook (the best way to know when I have a new post). It's that easy! A random winner will be drawn Sunday night.

Good luck!

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August 17, 2014

Life Lately: You're A Mess.

As I say every time, I'm the worst blogger, I know. Aka, one of these days Ill post here more than once every 3 months. 

Truthfully, I've sat in my apartment today and rewrote this post 3 times. Part of the reason why I've had a 3 month absence from this blog is simply, I've been uninspired. I've been bogged down by the day to day shittiness that seems to happen in waves, and this wave was a doozy. Between fighting with awesome people like NYC landlords, ConEd and Time Warner, job switches and the constant money woes that come with living in the most expensive city, ever....being a grownup is tough guys. 

Pretty much I've just felt like a mess. The above sign gets me, they knew I was coming. 

I've rewrote this post so many times in the last few months simply because no one wants to read someone else whine, I totally get it. I go to blogs to look at pretty outfits and perfectly arranged flowers and cheese plates.  But also, I LOVE when the bloggers I follow daily get real...because seriously their lives cannot be THAT awesome can they?! If they are, I would like a trade please and thank you (I'm looking at you The Londoner). 

I digress. Basically I had to get this post out of my system because as the summer dwindles, it's time to move onward right? While most people try to hang on to every last bit of sunshine and beach time, I'm pretty ready for what the next season will bring. While the summer wasn't all bad (I'm looking at you beautiful solo apartment), it wasn't what I hoped. To start up that inspiration again and not just trudge through the day to day, I've been taking a look back since I've last blogged to remind myself of the few good times this season brought. 

Turned 26 and promptly signed up to live here. Pretty solid decision.

Aren't my parents the cutest? 

Similar dresses here, here and here.
Morning coffee with a view

 Adventures with friends

 BaubleBar necklace (also eyeing this one) // similar shorts // Sperrys

And with that, let's hope Fall brings some good luck huh? (and less horrible first dates, c'mon dating god, give me a break!). Have a happy Sunday night my friends! I'm off to do work because Jury Duty calls...(the grownup-ness never ends apparently).

April 10, 2014

What I'm Wearing: Fitness Edition

So my lack of fashion posts has been for a few good reasons. One, my resident photographer and roomie is alwaysss gone (come back Stephanie!). I need to pin her down and hand her my camera one of these days.

Two, and way more true, is I've been basically living in workout clothes when I'm not at work (and when I am at work my dress game has been dismal lately). I'm signed up to run a half marathon in Central Park this Sunday so for the last 2 months all my "down" time has been reserved for spin classes and running. That means pretty much the only thing I've been spending money on is workout clothes, which (un)surprisingly has become a new shopping obsession. There's some cute stuff out there!

Besides my big and necessary splurge of new running sneakers, I've been loving the whole Active line by Old Navy. It's super cute, comfortable and most importantly affordable! Especially for those times when you have so much laundry that you go buy new workout clothes ten minutes before spin class....(guilty). Thankfully I don't feel too guilty because I live in their clothes after work and on weekends now, so it's totally worth it.

Next obsession I will rave about: Swerve. Now, I've done spin classes before. Actually Ive done many before moving to NYC and always loved them. However the obsession with Spin in NYC is on a whole different level. There's the SoulCycle and Flywheel cults that Ive avoided simply because they are so hyped here but when Swerve opened LITERALLY across the street from work, it was hard to resist. One class, and I was hooked. I've been doing it pretty much 1-2 times a week for the last few months (my bank account is crying) and it continues to be some of the hardest workouts I've ever experienced. Every class I leave dripping with sweat looking like I just ran 20 miles but feeling amazing. The staff is wonderful and I can't say enough about it. My coworkers are hooked too and I think sadly for us the word has gotten out because the classes are continually getting sold out faster and faster. If you're in NYC, GO TRY IT. 

Welp, that's all I've got folks. Hopefully after this Sunday when I probably crawl across the finish line I can have my life back! I'm pretty pumped though, not going to lie :) Wish me luck!

xo n.

April 1, 2014

Life Lately.

After a pretty sad weekend, I decided Sunday night was "cheer myself up night" complete with beautiful spring flowers, new magazine and OPI polish, favorite slippers, and the staple...jelly beans. Perfection.

Saw this on social media and am pretty obsessed. 

Pretty proud of my Peter Pilotto for Target skirt clearance find in Florida. Also adding mirror cleaning to my Spring cleaning list. Yikes.

This is one of the many reasons I head to Florida every year. My grandma is the best cook, hands down.

THIS is one of the other reasons. Ladies and Gents: Retirement paradise.

So the reason this weekend was so sad was my family lost one of the major members, our dog Sandy. She was an old lass (almost as old as my youngest brother) so it wasn't the happiest time. We loved her so much though and we couldn't be more grateful for having such a wonderful dog all of these years. 

March 27, 2014

Thursday Music Find

I had to share this with my favorite people (aka all of you). Today I discovered my latest obsession, the above video. 

I'm kind of an old soul sometimes and Fleetwood Mac is on of those bands I could mellow out to for a long time. WELL, combine a great song with one of my favorite people, Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf foreva), and you have a song that I've listened to approximately 15 times today already.

Press play and enjoy my friends.

xo n.