November 22, 2010


Hi all,

So I was doing some more unpacking/organizing this weekend (I know I've been here for a while, but I'm a slow mover), and in the process found pretty things I had forgotten about! This past summer I went to a flea market out in my beloved Western NY (Avon, NY) and bought these two brooches.


The lady that sold them to me was very convincing but they were so pretty and such a good price that I did not need too much convincing. I love sparkly things and was so excited to leave that day with such treasures! I have a few ideas with what I want to do with them but that shall be saved for another day and another post!

Love in re-finding treasure,

November 21, 2010

Lust List: Watches

Hi all,

With Christmas rapidly approaching I've started to think about what I would love to see wrapped up under the tree Christmas morning. While there is nothing that I need or am seriously coveting at the moment, one item that I have been thinking about for a while is a watch. I haven't had a watch since high school (I had a veryyy classy, large, baby pink Baby-G remember those...), so I figured now that I'm an adult (cringe!) it's probably something that would be good to have. I've been researching them since last year when I asked for one for my birthday, however a minor Spring Break trip bump-in-the-road that involved a fiery bus crash and the loss of several personal items resulted in my birthday money going towards replacing important items such glasses. Anyway, long story short, Nicole did not get a watch for her birthday. So instead, I'm banking on Christmas!

For some reason I've been drawn to watches with a big face and that look like men's watches. I'm also loving ones that have both gold & silver coloring. I think that's the perfect way for it to match any outfit and jewelery and truly make it a day-to-day watch.

Here are some that I've been eying:

1. 2.


1. Riley Multifunction Silver Dial Watch
2. MICHAEL KORS Two-Tone Chronograph Watch
3. Women's Two Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet
4. Gunmetal and Goldplated Stainless Steel Watch

#4 just drew me in for some reason. I'm loving the black and gold. That actually might be at the forefront in my picks.

Love in online Christmas shopping!

**P.S. I'm sorry about all of the weird format issues with this post. I'm working on learning more about html and blogging tricks but for some reason this post would just not cooperate! I'm working on it, I promise.

November 11, 2010

Birds in a Tree

Hi all,

I have been slowly decorating my apartment since I have moved in a few months ago. It is quite a work in progress, but I'm loving the fact that I have complete control over every part of it.

I read this post over at Jane Has A Job a while ago about Affordable Black & White Art. Well, I love B & W anything, and obviously I like the word "affordable" (though cheap sounds better to me but anyway). One print stood out to me right away. "Bluebirds in a tree" by luckybirdart at is adorable. It fits my black, tan and teal theme going though my living room/dining room/kitchen area (my apartment is what HGTV often refers to as "cozy") and it matched my **tree shower curtain! Score!

I finally got it in the mail the other day and promptly whipped out my hammer and nails and hung it up.


What do you think of the new decor?


** My friend Rachel posted pics of this shower curtain when she bought it for her apartment a few months ago. I liked it so much that I willingly admit I completely copied her. Her taste rocks so I'm not embarrassed.

A Pretty Find

Just some pretty items that I found on this Thursday from a post today on

Don't ask me why I read wedding blogs, I am no where near marriage. They just have so many pretty things (and my obsession with Say Yes to the Dress might be to blame). However, I will tell you one thing, one of these items from this Etsy shop might end up on my head one day. I can't get enough of pretty headbands and hair accessories. Sigh, I would like them now please.

*all images from mignonnehandmade

November 6, 2010

Words that Pause.


Hi all,

Just some words to leave you with on this random November weekend. Though they seem to be conflicting...that's how life is right? Conflicting feelings seem to happen all of the time.


*All images via

November 4, 2010

Pretty Photos

Hi all,
I was just browsing some old pictures today and came across these.


A few summers ago I was out in Western NY and took a drive to the middle of nowhere. Why you ask? Well, I decided that I wanted to try and learn how to drive a stick shift. (Mistake). Though my driving teacher du jour was exceptionally patient, it was a short lesson to say the least. Though, we didn't end up in a ditch so successful? Either way, once we gave up the idea of me ever being able to drive his car, we decided to do a little photography instead. These photos are simple, but pretty I believe.


November 2, 2010

Lust List: Fall Shoes

Hi all, what I am currently lusting after but can't quite have...

I have never been a shoe girl...until recently that is. For some reason all I can think about is leather boots, cute heels and great ankle boots with buttons. Sigh, if only I had the money to buy all the items I have been lusting for lately.

Here are a few pairs that I've been seriously considering using my grocery money to buy:


3 4

1. Buttoned booties in dark brown: Ruche
2. Crystal wing ballet flats: J. Crew
3. Suede Flannery platform ankle boots: J. Crew
4. Roman equestrian rain boot: Banana Republic