June 8, 2012

Insta-Pretty moments

Just some mini moments from my life the last month and a half  :)

As always you can follow all of my photos on Instagram @nkivitz

April 19, 2012

One resolution down.

My "7am-absolutely-terrified-what-was-I-thinking" face. 
BUT...done! :)
After finishing my first half marathon in Central Park.

This weekend I accomplished something I never really thought I would...I ran my first half marathon! I put it on my New Years Resolution list that I posted a few months ago, but truthfully, part of me thought I would never actually go through with it. Even in the days leading up to the race, I tried to downplay it or not even tell a lot of people I was running it because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it...or maybe just thought it really wasn't that big of a deal. But then I did it, and truthfully, I did so much better than I ever thought I could have. I felt proud of myself again...and receiving all the encouragement and congrats by friends and family made me realize it IS a big deal! I ran 13 miles. I RAN 13 miles. It's something  I can check off my life list. Now, to beat my time on the next one... :)

April 4, 2012

Wednesday Wish List.

So usually I have about 10 things on my "If I had any form of extra money I would buy this..." list, but seeing as this is my birthday month (yes, I have a birthday month. I LOVE birthdays (I blame this on my mother)), I usually tend to do more browsing than usual. So...my list of things I wish I could buy is very, very long. Add in my daily browsing of pinterest and it's just out of control. Anyway, here are some of the things that I would buy today if I had the funds :) 

Pura Vida Hippie Headbands. Some of my friends would totally give me flack for this but sometimes I love this style. I could totally see myself rocking some of these this summer. (pic via LaurenConrad.com)
I freaking love everything about this dress. If I was caught on a slightly less weaker day (maybe tomorrow), my credit card would already be charged.
These are cute. 

I'm loving these fun bracelets. I'd love to stack on a few at a time.

I wish this skirt was mine.
Boyfriend jeans are having a moment...and I want every pair GAP has to offer.
In love with delicate rings...and this would my next purchase.
Happy Wednesday!

March 29, 2012


Just some of my favorite pins lately!

You can check out everything I've been going crazy for over on my Pinterest!

March 28, 2012


Some Insta-loving of pretty moments in life recently...

Central Park is now in full bloom // my favorite color, mint green, on my nails + new matte topcoat

venturing to Brooklyn (with a delicious huckleberry vodka lemonade) // fun, new floral pants at work

this month's awesome Teen Vogue Birchbox // pretty lights at Lucky Strike

a perfect night in // random waterfall I stumbled upon in NYC

Saturday morning view from bed // new skirt and heels I was loving

train ride home from work // fun self-manicure

March 2, 2012

#febphotoaday: Days 15- 29

Day 15: phone / Day 16: something new
Day 17: time / Day 18: drink
Day 19: something you hate to do / Day 22: where you work
Day 23: your shoes / Day 26: night
Day 27: something you ate / Day 29: something you're listening to
The last part of the #febphotoaday challenge! I was a slacker, I know. March is a new month!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Happy Friday :)

March 1, 2012

#febphotoaday: Days 3 - 14

Day 3: hand / Day 4: Stranger / Day 5: 10am / Day 6: Dinner
Day 7: button / Day 8: Sun
Day 9: front door / Day 10: self portrait
Day 12: inside my closet
Day 13: blue / Day 14: heart
Hey there.

So here is the first half of the February photo challenge (#febphotoaday). I did pretty well the first half of the month...but as you'll see tomorrow, well I definitely slacked off and missed (quite) a few days the last few weeks. Woops. Oh well, I tried! It's definitely a fun challenge and has increased my already established obsession with Instagram. 

SO, i just noticed there is a new challenge for March! I'm going to do better this month guys. I swear. Really.

Also, regular posting is going to start back up. I promise. (Ok, don't hold me to that but I'm going to try!). 

And now I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite singers. John Legend. I'm telling you, seeing this man perform live will forever change you, and you'll be a fan instantly. He's amazing. I love this version of Dancing in the Dark he recently did with The Roots. Enjoy!

February 23, 2012


Hi friends! Sorry I've been MIA this past week(ish), I've been on vacation in Florida! So... I've been doing a lot of this:
and this...

and looking at this....

and of course eating a TON of this...

I'm back this week though and trying like crazy to catch up on work stuff and life stuff so posting will be back soon!

February 8, 2012

stuck in my head.

via pinterest

Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe

This week's edition of "stuck in my head". I heard this song in a Superbowl commercial I believe and it's been on repeat ever since. 

The print...well I just love this reminder. I think it's another I need to buy and hang in my room. 

Happy Wednesday!

February 7, 2012

pinspiration: mint green

I've been noticing a trend on the interwebs lately and I'm thinking this is going to be the color for spring. Since I've been a fan of this shade since I can remember, I've been pinning some of these images since the fall.I just always seem to be drawn to something that is minty green. 

What do you think? Will you be rocking the mint green anytime soon? (If I had my way I would have one of every one of these items in these pics!).

*All photos via my pinterest