May 10, 2011


Hang in there with me...the above is my "tripod". Harsh conditions, I know. 

Dress worn as a skirt: American Eagle (many years ago); Shirt: H&M; Heels: UO; Belt: Forever21

So today I'm joining a challenge that I recently discovered on Everybody Everywear. Basically, bloggers vote for a look they want to create in a specific month, and then everyone links their blogs to the site. I thought it was a fun idea, and since I've been trying to branch out into some outfit posts (though I'm still a little hesitant about it...), I decided to go for it this month. Of course, I have no one to take my pictures usually, and less than ideal equipment (as you can see above), but I don't think they turned out half bad. Also...I thought florals would be an easy challenge given that my wardrobe is pretty darn girly. I was wrong. I ended up remixing a little bit and using a dress as a skirt. Also, I waited until this morning to try and get this together. I'll do better next month, I promise :) 

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

May 9, 2011


Just some photos from a lovely lazy weekend...

Trying out the bright lipstick trend. Not sure if I can pull it off yet...but it sure is fun to try. 
Newest obsessions. Smells like peppermint and leaves you tingling. Love.
Look at all of the fun things you can find when spring cleaning! (I forgot I owned all of this)
My mess of a makeup bag that leaves me digging every morning...
Gosh organizing feels oh-so-good. 
The Spring color palette i'm loving right now. (added to it with some new purchases).

May 5, 2011

Feelin Fancy

 Shirt: Forever21, Pants: NY&Company, Shoes: Store in Rome, Italy

Hi all,
So...I'm back again with another outfit post since I got some really nice feedback from the last one :) This outfit is from last weekend when I was about to go out at my Alma Mater, SUNY Geneseo for Alumni Weekend! Geneseo is one of my favorite places on earth, and it was so nice to be back some place familiar with all of my friends. I can't wait until I can go back again and pretend i'm still in college.