February 23, 2012


Hi friends! Sorry I've been MIA this past week(ish), I've been on vacation in Florida! So... I've been doing a lot of this:
and this...

and looking at this....

and of course eating a TON of this...

I'm back this week though and trying like crazy to catch up on work stuff and life stuff so posting will be back soon!

February 8, 2012

stuck in my head.

via pinterest

Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe

This week's edition of "stuck in my head". I heard this song in a Superbowl commercial I believe and it's been on repeat ever since. 

The print...well I just love this reminder. I think it's another I need to buy and hang in my room. 

Happy Wednesday!

February 7, 2012

pinspiration: mint green

I've been noticing a trend on the interwebs lately and I'm thinking this is going to be the color for spring. Since I've been a fan of this shade since I can remember, I've been pinning some of these images since the fall.I just always seem to be drawn to something that is minty green. 

What do you think? Will you be rocking the mint green anytime soon? (If I had my way I would have one of every one of these items in these pics!).

*All photos via my pinterest

February 6, 2012

scenes from the weekend.

wandering NYC Saturday afternoon

Old Navy
Forever 21
Old Navy

Just a little insight into part of my weekend. The majority of it was spent in my bed surrounded by tissues and cough drops eating ramen noodles while doped up on Dayquil and NyQuil. I had a very nasty cold that left me quite miserable.

By Saturday however I was feeling a little cooped up in my apartment so I set out to just wander around the city with no destination in mind. I ended up walking around for hours just kind of looking around and enjoying the city. It was such a mild, nice day and I was reminded why I really like living in NYC. Along the way I stopped and used some Christmas gift cards (somehow I always end up shopping on weekends...woops).

I thought I'd show my purchases from this weekend. Old Navy has been killing it lately and find myself dropping money every time I go in there. Then of course, there's the 5 floor Forever21 in Times Square that I have to hold myself back in. I managed to just walk our with this classic white tank and a fancy sparkly bracelet. Pretty pumped to wear both :)

How was everyone else's weekend?

February 3, 2012

happy friday.

How awesome is this clip? I'm pretty sure I would say all of the above. That is me in a nutshell right there. Thanks Zooey, you just summed up my blog in 30 seconds.

Happy Friday!

February 2, 2012


Feb. 1st: My View. 

Feb. 2nd: Words. (background on my work computer)

I saw this awesome photo challenge while I was blog browsing the other day. I love these sorts of things, especially since my latest obsession has been Instagram. Everyday people take a picture for the corresponding prompt listed above, and tag it with #febphotoaday. You can see everyone participating by searching the hashtag on twitter or Instagram.

Ill be sharing mine everyday on twitter (@NKivitz) and Instagram (nkivitz) if you want to follow along and then probably weekly here on the blog.

It's a cool way to take a daily glimpse into someone's life! Hope you follow along :)