October 27, 2014

Beauty Diaries, Vol. 1: Hourglass Cosmetics

Welllll helloooooo there!

So I wanted to start a series on the blog that had to do with beauty products since it's pretty much an obsession of mine. Welcome to The Beauty Diaries, Volume 1. 

   For the first installment I wanted to introduce you to my latest brand obsession: Hourglass.

       With the onset of a new season, I went exploring in Sephora a few weeks ago on the hunt     for a new Fall foundation. I knew it was time to give up my light summer BB cream       routine, and I wanted something full coverage without feeling like I was caking it on. As    someone with problem skin (oh hello acne in my 20's, you SUCK), I was also looking for something that had skin benefits and not just coverage. 

Luckily, I met an awesome Sephora employee who knew exactly what to give me. Originally I was looking to switch back to BareMinerals, which I used to use throughout college. I was sick of the liquid foundation problems where every time I hugged someone I feared my face imprint was left on their shoulders (gah the worst).

This Hourglass foundation is miracles my friends. It's in a pump bottle that comes out as a liquid, but turns into a powder once it's on your face.  It has buildable coverage, but pretty much only takes two pumps for me to get a pretty full coverage on my entire face. It lasts almost the whole day, feels like velvet on my face, and has yet to make me break out even more, so basically...I'm in love. I was also convinced to buy the primer (feels like silk) AND their special Ambient powder that basically makes you look like you airbrushed your face in photos. 

 I'll also be on my way to get their concealer as well, but I had to have SOME self-control. It is a pricey brand, the products are not considered cheap whatsoever, but since I'm on my way to my later-er twenties (god help me) I've decided that one thing I am going to stop skimping on is skincare, and products that give me confidence and make me feel good about myself. I don't splurge on crazy things often, but these are definitely worth it my friends.

Hope you enjoyed the first Beauty Diaries entry!