March 27, 2014

Thursday Music Find

I had to share this with my favorite people (aka all of you). Today I discovered my latest obsession, the above video. 

I'm kind of an old soul sometimes and Fleetwood Mac is on of those bands I could mellow out to for a long time. WELL, combine a great song with one of my favorite people, Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf foreva), and you have a song that I've listened to approximately 15 times today already.

Press play and enjoy my friends.

xo n.

March 12, 2014

Pop of Color.

 photo IMG_1295_zps3e97477e.jpg  photo IMG_1296_zpsda2c852e.jpg  photo IMG_1299_zpsebc2b9b7.jpg
Jacket: NY & Co (old, but I could really use this one) // Chambray shirt: Old Navy // Jeans: Old Navy (old, but I'm eyeing these pants on my next payday!) // Shoes: Gap (also old, but these are on my list) // Necklace: Baublebar (similar) // Sunglasses: RayBan
 photo IMG_1290_zps5e970081.jpg

Stay with me the next few weeks as I am pretty behind on posting. These were taken about a month ago when I jumped on the train to escape the city for a few hours and visit my cousin out in the LI 'burbs. It was one of those days that was still very, very grey, but felt warmer than it had in months. My head gets confused on those days and I end up looking like a Crayola box because I just want to wear COLOR. So, the above happens. Yellow jacket, pink shoes. Oh well. 

It was a happy relaxing day full of girl talk, baking, tv and puppy loving. I couldn't do this post without featuring my main man Baxter. He's just the cutest.

March 7, 2014


TGIF friends! Woah, this week was a doozy. I'm not sure what made it feel SO extremely long and just...blah. Nothing exceptionally bad or good happened, it was just one of those weeks where I kind of felt like a hamster in a wheel just running and running with no end in sight. The bitter cold didn't help either. Man March is a tough one.

Does anyone else out there feel like they're in a rut this month? I've been trying my best not to let the winter blues get the best of me. One way I combated a particular dismal day recently was to be spontaneous and book myself a little R + R trip down to Florida*. It might be the only thing getting me through the next few weeks. 

Some other fun things that have brightened up my days a bit lately:

 The above print came in the mail! I've been staring at it for months and months online and finally pulled the trigger.

I'm obsessed with this song. I just play it over and over....really his whole spotify page.

I can't wait to start reading this and this per my favorite reader's recommendations.

I think a trip to Florida warrants a new bathing suit right? Perhaps this one or this one.

And with that I'm headed home for the weekend! Bring on the fresh air Upstate :) 
xo n.

*Thank you grandparents for having a wonderful place for me to run away to.