February 28, 2011

Weekend Wisdom.

image found on my tumblr

1. I think I can officially declare hibachi Japanese is my favorite type of food. 
2. The movie Unknown was good, but not the best. I think I just wanted to see it because of January Jones.
3. Reading all these fashion blogs has given me a shoe obsession. I foresee a bad bank account situation this Spring.
4. My mom encourages said shoe obsession. So much for teaching me responsibility.
6. Waking up to the smell of fresh blueberry muffins was the perfect start to my Sunday. Being home rocks.

I hope everyone's weekend was amazing!

February 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

Thank you lord this week is done! One word: BRUTAL. Between training for a new position while still doing my current one, and this lousy weather, this week was a long one. However, a few things did catch my eye during it...

I would like these please. 

My goal this week is to create something pretty awesome out of all this. Hopefully I'll show you the finished product soon!

These were my life savers today. They're pretty darn cute to boot (haha).

via Slice of Pink. Found HERE.
Hey future boyfriend...you should probably buy this lovely, romantic ring for me please. 
Enough said.


Love the colors. Want the whole outfit.

Another example of an office space I need to replicate.


Last 5 images from my tumblr.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Do you "LIKE" Me?

So I know that many people find my blog posts through Facebook, but I've noticed that it's started to take up my personal newsfeed quite a bit. SO, A Simply Pretty Life has a Facebook page! If you "Like" the page, you will still get a notification on your feed when there's a new post, and it will let me stop clogging everyones newsfeeds that I'm FB friends with who don't care what shoes I'm coveting for the Spring.

So go ahead, CLICK this link right here to LIKE my Facebook page.

Seriously, do it. You know you want to.

February 23, 2011

Spring Now Please!

I really just want it to be warm out. I can't stand this weather anymore. I also just can't stand my winter wardrobe. 

Spring Now Please!

I want to wear light pretty dresses. I want warm weather, and I want this outfit. What do you think?

Show Me What I'm Looking For.

I just love this song. So I thought I would share it with all of you. 

Hope your Hump Day is treating you well so far!

February 22, 2011

Weekend Wisdom.

Woops, it's almost the end of Tuesday...I really need to get better about posting my Weekend Wisdom right when the week is over. However, since my weekend extended into yesterday, I think I have an excuse. You should just probably agree with me. Anyway, on to things I have learned this weekend:

1.)  Seeing a show like Mary Poppins makes you feel like a kid again, and also makes the rest of the day have a light-hearted mood. Just try and be sad when you have "just a spoonful of sugar..." stuck in your head.
2.) Margaritas are delicious. Especially when added to a large burrito. My perfect Friday night.
3.) Taking advantage of being near NYC makes me happy. 
4.) Every weekend should be three days long.

Not an exciting weekend, I know. But that's all folks!

P.S. One of my all-time favorite authors has had her first book turned into a movie, and I literally almost peed my pants when I saw this trailer. I've read this book at least 4 times, and the casting looks perfect. Girls: you will love this book, and from the looks of it, this movie as well.


That's all for tonight! Hopefully I'll perk up a bit as the week goes on and I'll come back with something more exciting. 

February 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Phew, what a long week it's been. Anyone else feel like that too? I think between trying to recover from my trip last weekend, and work ramping up in a big way this week, it's been a hard one.  However, it is finally Friday, and a long weekend for me! Yay for having Monday off.

To finish off this week, here are just some things that have caught my eye lately: 

I just love the colors in this photo. SPRING is coming, and so are bright colors. 

This was taken in Milan, Italy. I know because when I studied abroad there, I would walk through this high-end Galleria during breaks in classes and on weekend shopping trips. I miss this place...and I NEED this entire outfit. So chic and Milanese. I love it. 
 From ¨Le petit prince¨. "On ne voit bien qu'avec la coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux".  It says: ¨It is only with the heart that one sees rightly. What’s essential is invisible to the eye.¨ 
I would never get a tattoo, but I absolutely love this quote. 

Long weekend = lots of reading time! Next on my list are these two new purchases. I need some chick-flick reading after my last intense James Patterson novel.

The weather was finally nice enough to wear my new flats that I got for Christmas! Lovely weather + new shoes = a good day. 

(Sources for 1,  2,  3 )

Anyone have any exciting weekend plans? I have a margarita and Mexican date with a co-worker tonight that we cannot wait for. This place in my town is awesome. Then, hopefully some DIY projects on Saturday, and some city time on Sunday! 

Also, have you checked out my new ABOUT section at the top of the blog?

I hope everyone has a wonderful, and relaxing weekend!

I Can't Shop So I Do This...

Spring Work Outfit.

Spring Work Outfit. by N428 featuring high heel shoes

I'd really love some semblance of this outfit for the Spring.... 

I love it all. 

February 17, 2011

Etsy Lust List.

So, I've put myself on a shopping freeze. It's drastic, I know. However, between buying my computer, going a little crazy with Christmas gifts (and during the after Christmas sales...woops) my bank account has been looking dismal. Sigh. I want something new and pretty. 


However, did I mention that the shopping freeze was only limited to clothing? And, only extends until....well, I haven't thought of an ending date yet. My guess, it wont last too much longer. 

This brings me to what I've been obsessing over lately: things I can hang on walls. There are so many pretty prints I want to by for my apartment walls, and even to decorate my cubicle! Here are some I've been eyeing:

Find them here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 
Whatcha think? Any favorites?

February 16, 2011

Weekend Wisdom.

I know this week is almost half over already, but seeing as I took a road trip to my college last weekend and have been having quite the busy work week, I'm a little behind on life (as you can see from my late Valentines Day posts). However, I am officially making 'Weekend Wisdom' a weekly occurrence so here goes:

1. Sometimes you just need some good ole fashioned girl talk/girls weekend to let it all out, and say ridiculous things. It's good for your mind, heart and soul.
2. However, when this girls weekend leads to large consumptions of alcoholic beverages, the next day will not feel good...though you will most certainly have some great stories. 
3. Moving away from my friends has made me realize how much I love them.
4. All-girl parties are SO much more fun than ones with guys. It's a simple truth. 
5. Some songs just explain how you're feeling better than words can. Some current ones have been by *Adele and Mumford and Sons (I know, its an obsession that has been repeated often on this blog). 
6. Long road trips in the car are made more bearable with Swedish Fish and Taylor Swift.

*The intro at the start of this video says it all. I cant remember if I've shared this song here or not (I know I have on FB), but it's just perfect, and so is this version. 

Wedding Fever

Why I torture myself, I do not know. For some reason, now that I am single, I have serious wedding fever. Though I know I'm being dramatic, I feel like everywhere I look there are engagements and weddings happening! And to top off my misery, anything to do with weddings is always gorgeous, so I am immediately drawn to it. Such as Anthropologie's new wedding line, BHLDN, that just launched this week. Just take a look at some of this from their website and you will understand what I'm saying:

all images via BHLDN.com

If you like to torture yourself with pretty wedding things like me, check out more on their website HERE.

February 15, 2011

My Favorite Valentine.

My mom is amazing. She knows how to make my day. 

Any guy is going to have a hard time beating my mom's Valentine's Day care packages. 


Hi lovelies,

How was everyone's Valentines Day? Mine was so busy that I actually forgot about it for part of the day, and couldn't even pay proper homage to it on my blog! So, here are the pretty images that I thought about posting last night before I fell asleep with my laptop on me....


I completely failed to get in the Valentines spirit this year, for good reason. I'm just happy the day is done. Perhaps next year will be one to remember. 

February 9, 2011

Valentines Day is Coming Closer...

It's almost here! That (dreaded) holiday full of love, and single people wanting to whack the mushy couples over the head with their roses (or is that just me?!). Anyway, as bitter and anti-Valentines Day as I might sound, I really do love the idea of Valentines Day, I have simply not had one yet to live up to all the hype. One thing I do love about it though is the theme. First of all, pink is my favorite color, and you can't get much girlier than hearts being plastered over everything in sight. I have a feeling one day this might rise to the top of my list of favorite holidays (nothing will ever beat my birthday though). Until then, I will just fantasize and create the perfect Valentines outfit that I will one day wear when I have someplace to go on the dreaded 14th. 

Valentines Day 2011

What do you think?

February 8, 2011

Things I'm Loving at the Moment...

...and in no way can afford. A girl can dream though right?
1, 2
I'm in love with nude pumps. They could be utilized with so many things in my closet right now...and with Spring approaching, I'm thinking they're a must have. 

This bag is ridiculously amazing. Unfortunately, it's about a month's rent. Sometimes I wish my priorities weren't straight...

OH! This is the latest "Nicole's-playing-on-repeat" song. I seem to keep coming back to the sad songs...hopefully soon I'll snap out of it. 

Just a few random things so far for this busy Tuesday! 

February 7, 2011

30 for 30

Why hello there everyone. How is your Monday going? Hopefully it's not too harsh. (Eat some Chinese if it is, I just did, and my Monday just got infinitely better. Works like a charm). 

So I've been getting a lot of new blog traffic lately from being on Kendi's 30 for 30 remixer list. I did sign up for it, but unfortunately realized this month is not the best for me. So for all of you that have found your way here through Kendi, I'm sorry to not be participating. I hope however that you will stick around or stop by again! I absolutely LOVE having so many new viewers and comments! Also, when Kendi's spring remix comes around, I will definitely be signing up AND participating!

Sorry again for the false advertising!

Weekend Wisdom

Things I've learned this weekend:

1. Jack & Jill by James Patterson WILL suck you in and force you to read 300 pages in one weekend to see who the killers are...
2. Sometimes having no plans is ok, it leaves time to make those long phone calls to grandmas, and best friends in far-away places. 
3. I may be a month late, but I've finally started my 2011 resolutions, and damn does it feel good.
4. The best time to go to the gym is Friday night, Saturday night, and during the Superbowl. Everyone else may be out doing exciting things, but I didn't have to wait for the treadmill! So there! WIN.
5. Sex And The City is addicting. And so true. I may be late to this game, but I'm already on season 3 and can't get enough. 
6. I always thought I had a shopping problem, apparently this problem extends to grocery stores as well...hmph.

February 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Phew, It's Friday!

Work has been ridiculously crazy the last few days so I haven't gotten a chance to think of any exciting posts. My week has basically consisted of microwaving something frozen for dinner when I get home, collapsing on the couch, and steering clear of both the phone and computer for the rest of the night. This has been the only way to preserve my sanity. That, plus a little crafting I've been working on *winkwink*.

So for this Friday afternoon I'm simply going to share some of my favorite images that I've posted on my tumblr this week. 

Hello giant-pink-bow-headband. Love.

 I need to repeat this out loud everyday apparently. 

The Fray anyone?

 I want this necklace. This picture is just beyond gorgeous. 

I want to feel like these two again. 

 Perfectly lovely work area I'm going to need to imitate

 One day soon I hope. 


 I should hang this on my wall. 

Loving the colors. 

So what are everyone's big weekend plans? This weekend is shaping up to be a pretty mellow, boring one I'm thinking. It will probably revolve around finishing up some crafting, fiddling around with the blog some more, organizing the apartment, and trying out this weeks purchase (I'll fill ya in next week). 

Here's to hoping your weekend is more exciting then mine!