November 2, 2010

Lust List: Fall Shoes

Hi all, what I am currently lusting after but can't quite have...

I have never been a shoe girl...until recently that is. For some reason all I can think about is leather boots, cute heels and great ankle boots with buttons. Sigh, if only I had the money to buy all the items I have been lusting for lately.

Here are a few pairs that I've been seriously considering using my grocery money to buy:


3 4

1. Buttoned booties in dark brown: Ruche
2. Crystal wing ballet flats: J. Crew
3. Suede Flannery platform ankle boots: J. Crew
4. Roman equestrian rain boot: Banana Republic


  1. I love the button booties and ballet flats--gorgeous!

  2. omg I love 1 and 3. Those are essentially the shoes I have been on the look out for and havent found.