November 4, 2010

Pretty Photos

Hi all,
I was just browsing some old pictures today and came across these.


A few summers ago I was out in Western NY and took a drive to the middle of nowhere. Why you ask? Well, I decided that I wanted to try and learn how to drive a stick shift. (Mistake). Though my driving teacher du jour was exceptionally patient, it was a short lesson to say the least. Though, we didn't end up in a ditch so successful? Either way, once we gave up the idea of me ever being able to drive his car, we decided to do a little photography instead. These photos are simple, but pretty I believe.



  1. black and whites my fav. tho i think id really like the Sepia if it was more aged and slightly less intense. Photoshop!

  2. I agree with your whole comment. I'm always a fan of the B&W, but the sepia has something to it too. My picture editing software is barebones at the moment but as soon as I fix that, edits will be made!