May 10, 2011


Hang in there with me...the above is my "tripod". Harsh conditions, I know. 

Dress worn as a skirt: American Eagle (many years ago); Shirt: H&M; Heels: UO; Belt: Forever21

So today I'm joining a challenge that I recently discovered on Everybody Everywear. Basically, bloggers vote for a look they want to create in a specific month, and then everyone links their blogs to the site. I thought it was a fun idea, and since I've been trying to branch out into some outfit posts (though I'm still a little hesitant about it...), I decided to go for it this month. Of course, I have no one to take my pictures usually, and less than ideal equipment (as you can see above), but I don't think they turned out half bad. Also...I thought florals would be an easy challenge given that my wardrobe is pretty darn girly. I was wrong. I ended up remixing a little bit and using a dress as a skirt. Also, I waited until this morning to try and get this together. I'll do better next month, I promise :) 

Florals | Everybody, Everywear