February 7, 2012

pinspiration: mint green

I've been noticing a trend on the interwebs lately and I'm thinking this is going to be the color for spring. Since I've been a fan of this shade since I can remember, I've been pinning some of these images since the fall.I just always seem to be drawn to something that is minty green. 

What do you think? Will you be rocking the mint green anytime soon? (If I had my way I would have one of every one of these items in these pics!).

*All photos via my pinterest


  1. I never thought that mint green was a pretty color but these photos definitely change my mind!

    xo Jennifer


    1. So great to hear that! I love to change people's minds about my favorite things :)

  2. mint green and sea foam green are two of my favorite colors, I'll definitely be rocking them soon!


  3. Be still my jadeite-loving heart. I want. need. more mint green. I also want. need. more moolah with which to purchase said lovely color. poo.