August 17, 2014

Life Lately: You're A Mess.

As I say every time, I'm the worst blogger, I know. Aka, one of these days Ill post here more than once every 3 months. 

Truthfully, I've sat in my apartment today and rewrote this post 3 times. Part of the reason why I've had a 3 month absence from this blog is simply, I've been uninspired. I've been bogged down by the day to day shittiness that seems to happen in waves, and this wave was a doozy. Between fighting with awesome people like NYC landlords, ConEd and Time Warner, job switches and the constant money woes that come with living in the most expensive city, ever....being a grownup is tough guys. 

Pretty much I've just felt like a mess. The above sign gets me, they knew I was coming. 

I've rewrote this post so many times in the last few months simply because no one wants to read someone else whine, I totally get it. I go to blogs to look at pretty outfits and perfectly arranged flowers and cheese plates.  But also, I LOVE when the bloggers I follow daily get real...because seriously their lives cannot be THAT awesome can they?! If they are, I would like a trade please and thank you (I'm looking at you The Londoner). 

I digress. Basically I had to get this post out of my system because as the summer dwindles, it's time to move onward right? While most people try to hang on to every last bit of sunshine and beach time, I'm pretty ready for what the next season will bring. While the summer wasn't all bad (I'm looking at you beautiful solo apartment), it wasn't what I hoped. To start up that inspiration again and not just trudge through the day to day, I've been taking a look back since I've last blogged to remind myself of the few good times this season brought. 

Turned 26 and promptly signed up to live here. Pretty solid decision.

Aren't my parents the cutest? 

Similar dresses here, here and here.
Morning coffee with a view

 Adventures with friends

 BaubleBar necklace (also eyeing this one) // similar shorts // Sperrys

And with that, let's hope Fall brings some good luck huh? (and less horrible first dates, c'mon dating god, give me a break!). Have a happy Sunday night my friends! I'm off to do work because Jury Duty calls...(the grownup-ness never ends apparently).

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