April 22, 2011

Here Goes Nothing!

 Pants: Forever21, Blouse: H&M, Pumps: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: swiped from Grandma's jewelery box

So, for the last few months I've been reading many, many blogs. They are mostly fashion or outfit blogs, and I've always had the urge to post some of my outfits on this blog too. I know I am no model (by any means), but I think on occasion my outfits can be pretty darn cute! The blogs I  seem to gravitate to lately aren't the ones with models, but with just regular girls anyway (so I thought i'd do the same). So last night with some encouragement from a friend, we decided to snap some pics while we were having drinks on top of the Empire Hotel. (I came straight from work, so please excuse lack of makeup and non-cooperating hair).

Any thoughts? Would you like to see more outfits on this blog?


  1. So cute Nicole! I love the pants, and shoes, and just the combination in general. Look at you, such a legit fashion blogger! :)

  2. I love this outfit, and YES! I'd love to see more outfits on your blog! :)


  3. love it! i have never had the cojones to just get up in the middle of drinks and bust out a few poses, but you rock at it! one day i will get there. keep it up, lady!

    kitty clotheshorse