January 4, 2012


Happy New Year!

Hi friends! How is everyone's first few days of 2012?
I hope they've been fantastic! 

The last few weeks had me thinking a lot. 2011 (and a lot of 2010) was definitely not the best time for me. I found myself feeling mostly lost and in a rut. Leaving college, moving away from friends and family to a new town, breaking up with a boyfriend and starting my first real job all tornado-ed into a very unhappy year and a half. Though I wish I was someone who can brush things off her shoulder and move on quickly, unfortunately I'm not. I hang onto things with dear life. It's the way I've always been, and most likely the way I'll always be. So, after being unhappy with myself inside and out for a while, I want to take on 2012 and make a shift in my life. Happiness is the theme this year. I've come up with some resolutions that I want to try very hard to fulfill. Time to focus on myself!

Every year I make the cliche resolution of: lose weight. (If I even make a resolution at all). This year I want to make a few that I can accomplish and check off a list. I've written them down, I'm typing them out, putting them out in public, and hanging them on my wall to remind myself I have some goals to focus on this year when I feel I'm slipping back into that rut I'm trying so hard to stay out of. 
Here they are:

1.) Crochet a scarf. I once learned how to knit, and I got about halfway through a scarf and put it down and never picked it up again. I love knitted/crocheted pieces and I want to be able to make them for myself. Also, this goes along the lines of how I have a LOT of trouble following through on projects. 
2.) Look like I did Junior year of college. This is my yearly "look better" goal.
3.) Run a half marathon. The only goal I set for myself last year was to fun a 15k race called the Boilermaker. I am probably one of the worst runners on earth so this was a HUGE undertaking for me (my dad actually laughed in my face when I told him I planned on running over 9 miles). I really never thought I could complete this race, but I did. I trained for it and ran it by myself and crossing that finish line made me feel more accomplished than I have in a very long time. It had taken all my focus and energy for months and was something that I wanted desperately to finish. It was such a large goal that I had set for myself that I actually cried after I crossed the finish line (and so did my mom). It was the best thing I had done in 2011 so I want to try and take it one step further. I already have my eye on one in April so this might be crossed off soonish...
4.) Purge my wardrobe. Anyone that knows me knows this needs to be done. 
5.) Continue my blog. I started this blog during that unhappy time mentioned above to try and keep myself busy. Unfortunately I haven't been the best at keeping it up. New goal: post at least 2x/week.
6.) Have a themed party. I really want to have a grown up party with handwritten invites, appetizers and a fun theme. I need to put some of my thousands of pinterest "pins" to use!
7.) Make an inspiration wall. I have so many quotes and images that I love, I need a place where I can actually see them somewhere other than on my computer.
8.) Join a dance and/or gymnastics class. 2 activities that I've done a majority of my life and that I really, really miss.
9.) Do at least one DIY project a month. Again, I pin things, and don't DO them.
10/11.) I have 2 additional goals that are staying in my notebook. One is professional and one is personal (not everything should be on the internet!).

Here's to this year being better than the last!

(not a shabby view to start a new year with huh?)

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