November 24, 2013

My Inner Ballerina

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Anyone that knows me knows I am the girliest girl. Bring on the sparkles, pink, glitter, and especially tulle. I'm guessing my mom first got me into dance class all of those years ago with the promise of multiple tutus. So, of course I have been drooling lately as I've seen some of my favorite bloggers break out the tulle skirts for every day life, when most people keep that in the dance studio. Actually, ever since anthropologie released it's infamous and VERY coveted white tulle skirt last season (with a similar one out this season), I've been drooling. It's good to know the trend hasn't faded because I am SO on board.

And now to just find the perfect one for myself (**cough cough Santa), well and somewhere to wear it of course......

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  1. I'm obsessed with these too!!!! They're sooo beautiful. A little impracticality never hurt anyone. ;)