January 5, 2011

A Simply Pretty Life: Tumblr

So as I mentioned a few posts down, I love pictures and quotes...so much so that I can't really help but share ones that I love when I come across them on the internet. However, I don't want my blog to turn into just a re-posting of such things (though I will occasionally when I come across a particularly moving one).

So...(insert drumroll...) I STARTED A TUMBLR.

Now, many of you not in the social media/blogger/internet marketing industries might be saying...wtf is a Tumblr? Well my friends, basically its another blogging platform. However, it is especially designed for re-blogging images, quotes, and such that you find on other people's pages or blogs, and that you want to share. Basically it's just a place for me to collect things that I find that are pretty or speak to how I am feeling at the time, and want to share with all of you!

Check it out here: http://asimplyprettylife.tumblr.com/


  1. Fun! I love Tumblr. Looking forward to following you. http://oohpieceofcandy.tumblr.com/

  2. Thank you so much! It's wonderful having a new follower!