March 15, 2013

Happy Friday

Ah, Friday has arrived. Finally. 

Not much to say over here as it's been a pretty uneventful week (work, gym, dinner, shower, bed, repeat. I'm wild, I know). Only exciting this this week is the little blog-ish things I've been playing around with. (NEW HEADER!). I've been tweaking and playing a lot with the design and such so expect more and more changes over here! Also, yesterday I made my first collage...whatdya think? Seems like little things, but they seem big after reading so many blogs all these years!

Well, that's all I got. Hope everyone has a fun St. Patrick's Day this weekend!

xo n. 

p.s., random picture I know. I made these sweet little mini homemade confetti cupcakes with my cousin last Sunday. Polka dot wrappers! Perfection....and so delicious.

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