March 7, 2013

February Glam Bag

So this is REALLY late. This is my February Glam Bag that I got pretty much...3 weeks ago. I took the pictures immediately and the post has just been sitting here. I planned on doing a video, but honestly I look so ragged everyday when I come home from work that I didn't want to subject anyone to that. So this is what you get, sorry folks.

Anyway about this bag, it was prettyyyy awesome this month. I mean mascara, primer, eyeliner and eyeshadow? I'll be using pretty much EVERYTHING in this bag. I've also never tried any of these products before so they're all new to me! I definitely wasn't disappointed (though the actual bag was just a plain, black makeup bag).

So that brings me to the news. It saddens me to say I've cancelled both my Glam Bag and Birchbox subscriptions. I've really enjoyed both of them (and am still a huge Birchbox fan especially), but I'm trying this new thing called "saving" and attempting to get my finances on track, and it's getting pretty extreme in my world.  I've even cut my cable...for anyone that knows me, knows I'm pretty much devastated.

Alas, that's the (un)glamorous life of being 24 in Manhattan. 

In the meantime I still have a bunch of beauty treats to share on this blog that I purchased before I cut myself off , so no worries!


  1. SO sad about your cable! I had to live most of last year without it, and we had Netflix to get us by, but it still wasn't even close to being the same. Will you still get the main network channels??

    Also sad about your Birchbox/Glam Bag subscriptions, but maybe this way you can save up to treat yourself to a bigger beauty purchase every now and then?? hah idk! Just trying to see the bright side for ya :)

    1. Ah you're so right. I love your positive outlook :) If you can do without cable, I CAN DO IT TOO! haha it'll hopefully only be until this summer when I move apartments and can split it again. (fingers crossed).

      I'm sure my willpower wont be strong enough not to treat myself to some thing fun now and again :)

  2. I cancelled my birchbox last week. I got an email a few days ago about March's box being fitness themed and despite the fact that I am clearly not a fitness buff, I'm super bummed. We should start writing each other post cards so we still have mail to look forward to!?