May 8, 2013


I need some help people. Mainly, what the heck I'm doing with this little blog of mine. I love having this blog as a fun little side project to write and share all of the cool things, companies, products and clothes that I come across during my ample time online and my obsessive social media consumption. HOWEVER, lately I've felt a little lost. I'm sure you've noticed my sporadic posting. Part of this is due to me just being lazy after many hours staring at a computer all day. The other part is pretty much lack of direction. I know what I like to talk about, but I want to know what YOU my friends want to see. I've dabbled in a variety of posts, from DIYs to recipes to random companies and websites I like, to my most recent foray into outfit posts (that was a scary one). After this past weekend talking to a lot of younger girls at my college, I thought doing some posts of the "After College" type might be warranted. Aka, career and living-in-Manhattan insights. Basically, tell me what you want to see people! To get inside all your heads, I made this handy-dandy super quick survey below. I'd REALLY appreciate it if you filled it out! Especially all you "creepers" who I know read my blog secretly (though it's not so secret anymore because you all admitted it to me this past weekend--and I love you for it! Seriously, it made my week. Keep creeping. Hard. But fill out this survey too).

Thank you!

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