May 30, 2013

Pink Checks and Cute Dogs.

Shorts: New York & Company. Tshirt: Gap. Shoes: Sperry. Necklace: Baublebar.(no longer available but love this.)

Hey there! So my sporadic posting continues. BUT, I'm back with another one!

This past Memorial Day weekend was quite the boring one for me. Turns out, always listen to your parents because they're always right. They told me I should go home upstate and hang out, but of course I didn't listen. Instead I watched a LOT of old ER episodes online and cleaned my apartment because it really is true that EVERYONE leaves the city on holiday weekends. Like, everyone.

Luckily, my amazing cousin and blog photographer lately came back on Monday (just in time for BACHELORETTE night. All I need is wine and that show and my night is made. Seriously). So we took our favorite furry friend, Baxter, for a walk and little photoshoot before our girly festivities. He really is the best photoshoot prop isn't he?

Oh also, Gap has such cute tshirts right now. I'm loving this hot pink checked one for the summer!


  1. So cute! Also your nails are inspirational- now I wanna do white!

  2. I went to Gap this weekend and everything was SO CUTE. AHH! I'm still waiting for our photo shoot. Sunday perhaps? :) xo

  3. LOVE IT! you two are so cute... happy to play photographer any time :)