May 20, 2013

Quote of the Week

I've been playing around a lot lately (if you haven't noticed little tweaks to graphics, the blog header, collages, etc) with graphic design lately and I think I'm loving it.

Another thing that I've always been drawn to is quotes. For some reason sometimes a block of words really resonates with me and back before the time of pinterest, I had an entire email folder with different quotes I found on the interwebs that I would email to myself. Now, my "Words I Like" board seems to be one of my most popular, so I have a feeling others feel the same as I do about quotes.

I decided to try and have more structure on this little blog so every Monday I'll be working on my design and photography skills by combining quotes I like and photographs I take. 

I've been reminding myself of this phrase lately and have been taking even more walks than usual to try and get my head on straight. Work in progress :)

Happy Monday everyone.

xo n. 

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