January 16, 2013

DIY: Coasters.

Well hello there. 

So, as I'm sure many of you know, I'm obsessed with pinterest. It's like a girly-girls visual heaven. Besides making me wish I had the time to cook every night and the money to buy a whole new wardrobe, one other thing pinterest does is make me want to craft more. While I pin more than I actually DO, there were a few projects that I accomplished this summer when I had some time on my hands. 

The first was coasters that I made for our apartment. They were super easy and an awesome personalized touch to any household.

All you need is:
Tiles (I stole some leftover ones from my parents bathroom renovations)
fabric, paper, pictures or something to decorate the tiles with
Felt circles for the bottom of the tiles
High luster lacquer spray

And now....here's how you make them!

Some tips: using fabric (the red and white polka dotted coaster) ended up being the hardest material to deal with. It was hard to get the fabric straight, and I found that the modpodge didn't work the best with it.

The two pictures (the quote and Times Square) are actually pictures I took on my iPhone. There's this awesome app called MoPho where you can order prints of your photos right from your phone. They come in small sizes, one being the perfect size for an average tile! I didn't have to trim or adjust the pictures at all. Perfection. They also ended up being my favorite coasters. Hands down the best material to use for this project. It also makes it even more personalized!

So that's that! Hope you guys enjoy :)


  1. I need to do this. When we first moved into our apartment, I went on a crazed shopping mission to find coasters, went to basically all home goods stores until I found some at Bed Bath and Beyond that I now realize I hate. If I actually end up making these, I'm sure I'll be a creepy mom and use all pictures of Harrison. That's ok right? :)

    1. Sounds just like me! I couldnt find anything that I loved. And since you have one of the cutest kids everrr, totally ok to be the creepy mom with baby picture coasters :) They'll look amazing.