January 21, 2013

Warby Parkers







Ok. So another NYC based company that I'm in love with...Warby Parker. They're an awesome eyeglasses company where you can get designer frames WITH lenses for $95 bucks. A great part about them is also their home try-on program. You pick 5 frames and they send you trial glasses that you can try-on for five days at home for free. 

Now I have glasses but I've been wanting something different and to try out a new style (I blame NYC and everyone's awesome glasses) so I figured this would be perfect. This is my second box of try-ons (I can't commit!), so I obviously need everyone's help!

 I know a lot of these look the same, but I've narrowed it down to the few styles I like so HELP! Which pair does everyone like?! (Or do they all look horrible....).

Honesty people. I need some honesty. 

Also, sorry about the crappy iPhone pics. Man, I need a camera. Also working on that one. 

Ready, Set, VOTE.


  1. Omg they all look so similar, I've literally looked through them like 10 times now. I understand why you need help to choose! They all look great, but I do like 3 and 4!

  2. Same. 3 or 4 for me. Probably 4 if I had to pick one... David Cardigan glasses at coastal.com are also great (but I think you have $$ toward Warby, right?)

  3. I like #3 or #4! Also you should consider doing a sock bun video tutorial- your fellow curly-headed friend has been having some rough hair days lately