February 25, 2013

Pretty Moments

 I think this is the definition of a perfect Sunday morning for me. 
 Fresh air + some camera play
 Sparkly baubles always make me happy
 I couldn't resist this cute little guy. 

Sometimes I find myself getting into funks. Actually, a lot of times I do. This week was definitely one of those weeks. Between the super lousy weather, lack of sun and ridiculously long work week, I found myself wanting to hunker down in my bedroom this weekend and never leave. Saturday I did just that, but Sunday I forced myself to remember some of the simple things in life that I like. Sometimes all it takes to make the days at least a tad bit better are some carbs and caffeine, fresh air, picture-taking  and finding the cute things that you own that make you smile.

Here's to hoping this week goes faster than the last!


  1. I was feeling the same! You're so right. :) Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. I want that bagel now. I love the photos you've been taking with your new camera! I agree that last week was a long one- hope this week goes better for you!