January 2, 2014

Burgundy and Leather.

IMG_1216 IMG_1210

Michael Kors Jacket// NY&Co leather leggings// Black Booties (old, but I love these)// Baublebar midi ring//'Love' ring (similar)

OK, so....here we go.

Ever since I've started this little blog I've wanted to do some outfit posts. I never wanted to turn the whole thing into outfits because I like to write and post about so many other things, but somethings I really do love in life are clothes. The only problem is (well there were several problems): a. I didn't have anyone to take my pictures. This has been solved by feeding my lovely roommate coffee from DD and cajoling her outside to play photographer. She did so well! b. It's kinda weird taking photos of your outfits! I read sooo many blogs everyday and love to see what they're wearing, but when you do it yourself it's super easy to doubt yourself. 

2014 is all about what I want to do however. So, I think it's fun, and I hope you like it too! (all like...ten people that read this little blog of mine :)

Anywhooo, enough with the rambling. Basically it comes down to I'm obsessed with this jacket. It's my first "big girl jacket" and I can't stop loving it. I eyed it while Black Friday shopping with my Mama and just couldn't stop admiring. The perfect burgundy, leather sleeves and gold accents...ah I wanted. Sadly with my funds I had to pass it up, but because my Mom is the number one best mom in the world, and she appreciates some amazing clothing as much as I do, she surprised me with it on Christmas!

Who needs anything else when you have a fabulous jacket?

So, what do you think...continue with some outfit posts?

xo n.


  1. this is how we should purge your clothes. if you won't post it on the blog... its out :). i'll play photographer any day xo

    1. YES. You are so brilliant my friend. Also, I'm definitely taking you up on your photographer offer. I know you have skills :) <3

  2. The outfit looks great - and great pictures - happy holidays!