January 17, 2012

In the Kitchen.

Just thought I would share my latest kitchen adventure with everyone! Because of all the commuting and working I do, I usually am not in the mood to cook when I get home. Instead, I try and make the quickest thing possible because I'm always starving (which means I often live off of salad, canned soup and turkey sandwiches...you'd think I'm still in college). With my New Years Resolutions still filling my head however, I've been trying really hard to eat as healthy as possible and cook more. I found this recipe on my new favorite food blog, Skinnytaste.com. This "Light Shepards Pie" was not too hard to make and super tasty! Also, now I have enough for many more meals, which means no soup for dinner this week! Can't beat that!

You can find the recipe HERE

*all pics via Instagram (nkivitz)

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