January 6, 2013


For real this time. I swear. I'm not going to say it's a resolution, because I'm not the best at those (who is?!). Though, I did cross a BIG one off last year (half-marathon completed! woopwoop). Anyway, I've been reading a lot of blogs again in my own blogging absence and have been re-inspired. 

I had some big changes in the back half of 2012, so needless to say I'm beyond excited for a new year, and a new slate. Pretty much last year wasn't my best so 2013, I have some big plans for you! This blog is included so I'm beyond excited! I'm also turning the big 2-5 this spring 
(insert quarter life crisis here <---), so this year has no choice but to be great.

For anyone who is going to pick up this hobby with me again and read this, I thank you. Though I do it for myself first it's beyond nice to know someone's out there. Missed you! 

So for my first post I'm going to leave you with this list of resolutions I found on Pinterest. They're simple, meaningful and all ones that I can't wait to do more of (or less of) in this coming year. 

via Pinterest

Happy 2013 my friends. I can't wait to do so much with this new year. 


  1. I almost re-pinned that when I saw it! I am totally going to copy you and add those to my resolutions. Although, watching the Biggest Loser last night and crying my eyes out didn't help with the "cry less" part. :)

  2. yay!!! love this:) and love you!