February 20, 2013

BaubleBar Unwrapped

Ok friends, ready for my next obsession?!


So along the same lines of Warby Parker and Birchbox, another NYC startup that I absolutely LOVE is Baublebar. When you're as social media obsessed as I am, the companies that do an awesome job with it really stand out and get your attention. Plus, they sell lots of sparkly things so it's kind of like a no-brainer here.

Really though folks, Baublebar is crazy awesome. I've been ordering pretty things from them for about the last year, and my stash has officially grown two fold. They have the cutest jewelry that is RIGHT in my budget. I can't get enough.

Beyond following them like a stalker on their FB, Twitter, Instagram and blog (when my friends say I'm addicted to my iPhone, it's no joke),  I'm also hooked to Baublebar because they have such great deals. Their main one being every Friday when they email you a clue, and something on their site is 10 bucks if you find it. I could keep going, but I'm already babbling.

So another super cool thing they've done recently is open up a pop-up store, BaubleBar Unwrapped. I of course ventured there to check out the jewels and spend some money. It's adorable, hot pink everywhere and fun decorations. They also give you some free goodies for visiting, so really there's no reason not to go if you're in NYC.

Ok, now that I have AGAIN become an unofficial PR rep for another company( my CEO called me out on my abnormal brand loyalty the other day. Seriously, when I like something, I REALLY like it. Marketers dream over here).

You should check out Baublebar

p.s. this was my new cameras first outing! Whatdya think?


  1. pictures look awesome! and I secretly made it into the blog!!! woohoo :)

  2. Love the pics! Your camera looks amazing. I want to go to Baublebar now!!! Bring me with you next time. :)

  3. yayyyy love the pictures! next time, baked good pics??!

  4. Ugh it is dangerous that I just clicked on their link, because I want to buy all the jewelry with my ZERO funds haha