February 8, 2013

Latest Obsessions: Lucius

Hi everyone! So something different on the blog today. I constantly find myself discovering things (probably because of my abnormal amount of time spent on the internet), whether it's a song, band, quote or nail polish, and becoming all consuming-ly obsessed with it for a period of time. So, I thought I would share in a new series. Hope that's cool with everyone?

First up: Lucius. I first discovered this band when they opened for the band Milo Greene (another band you should look up if you don't know them). I had been a fan of Milo for a few months when I discovered they were playing at a small venue in NYC a couple of months ago. It was the perfect kind of concert. One where the only people there are the ones that genuinely love the music these guys are playing. It's also the type of venue where I was about 15 ft from the stage but still had room to breathe, which was awesome. But, I digress.

The opening band that night was one I had never heard of, though when the concert was over, I found myself thinking I loved Lucius' set more than the band I had come for. So, I obviously went downstairs, met the band Lucius and bought their "record" (they don't have a full album yet but they do have a small one with about 5 songs). Not only was it one of the best live performances I had EVER seen, but I chatted with them and the girls were super sweet (plus they wear awesome bows for every performance. I was sold right there. Obviously). They're a super cool, very quirky, Brooklyn based band. Below is one of my favorite songs from them, "Turn It Around".

What's also really cool about this band besides their obvious, ridiculous singing talent is how different many of their songs are. They really don't have just one sound. Check out the link to see what I mean. I found a mini "concert" they did for NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert series. You'll see how great they are live.

Also, here's one more great song to check out:

Ok, now that I've become their unoffical PR rep, tell me what you think! Think I should keep sharing my Thursday obsessions? Also, what about Lucius?

*P.S. as I type this post, that first song above "Turn It Around" was just played in the opening of this week's Greys Anatomy. Damn, there goes another one of my favorite secret bands :)

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