February 10, 2013

Winter Weekend

 Oh Nemo. Actually you weren't that bad. In all honesty, snow really doesn't scare me. ESPECIALLY since I no longer have to drive in it. For me, Hurricane Sandy was way more scary, Nemo, not so much. Anyway, it really wasn't all that crazy if you're used to some snow (which considering most of my readers are Upstaters, it ain't no thing). Basically, it just means Central Park was a madhouse on Saturday! All these city people who rarely get to play in snow went buckwild. Every little hill had sledders on it and there were more snowmen than I could count. Overall, it was pretty awesome. We took about a 2 hour walk all through the park and ended up climbing to the top of Belvedere Castle (after a minor incident that involved us getting stuck in a restricted area and jumping a fence. Unfortunately, that was not documented). Anyway, the view at the top was gorgeous. The park was covered in snow, the sun was about to set and the city was right in front of us. Overall, it was one of those days when living in Manhattan was pretty cool. 

Hope everyone stayed safe these past few days and had a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I seriously HATE snow, but actually your pictures make it look slightly pretty. Only slightly. haha. I had to shovel my car out of the snow and drive in it, so I had a little more of a reason to be pissed at Nemo.