December 17, 2010

I've taken the plunge!

Hi all,

Well it's official, I have taken the plunge into the Mac world. I've wiped out my bank account but I must say, so far it has been well worth it. I had been thinking about getting a new computer since graduation but with moving and starting a new job, it just hasn't made sense. Though it still probably didn't make too much sense, I did it anyway (what's the point of doing all of this working if I don't buy things...right?! Say yes.).

So it is finally time to put my dear old Dell to rest. It has been good to me. Through 4 years of college and many, many, many late nights writing papers. But alas, the switch has been made. Woohoo!

And oh yea....I also took the plunge and chopped off my hair!

I'm going crazy with changes lately! New Nicole all around!
Just a little photo-booth picture-taking fun!

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  1. ummmmmmmm. first comment. i'm an avid follower and friend. i love this. and you. kthanks.