February 9, 2011

Valentines Day is Coming Closer...

It's almost here! That (dreaded) holiday full of love, and single people wanting to whack the mushy couples over the head with their roses (or is that just me?!). Anyway, as bitter and anti-Valentines Day as I might sound, I really do love the idea of Valentines Day, I have simply not had one yet to live up to all the hype. One thing I do love about it though is the theme. First of all, pink is my favorite color, and you can't get much girlier than hearts being plastered over everything in sight. I have a feeling one day this might rise to the top of my list of favorite holidays (nothing will ever beat my birthday though). Until then, I will just fantasize and create the perfect Valentines outfit that I will one day wear when I have someplace to go on the dreaded 14th. 

Valentines Day 2011

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