February 8, 2011

Things I'm Loving at the Moment...

...and in no way can afford. A girl can dream though right?
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I'm in love with nude pumps. They could be utilized with so many things in my closet right now...and with Spring approaching, I'm thinking they're a must have. 

This bag is ridiculously amazing. Unfortunately, it's about a month's rent. Sometimes I wish my priorities weren't straight...

OH! This is the latest "Nicole's-playing-on-repeat" song. I seem to keep coming back to the sad songs...hopefully soon I'll snap out of it. 

Just a few random things so far for this busy Tuesday! 


  1. i just bought an amazing pair of nude suede BCBG heels that are close-toed exactly like that pair you posted except only 39 bucks!! check out your local marshalls and tjmaxx dude. SUCH an amazing find. after i bought them i dont know how i got along without nude heels!

  2. Wow THANK YOU for the info! I will promptly be scouring both those stores because now I feel like I can't live life without a pair of nude heels as well!

  3. I got my nude pumps at target for just $29, and tjmaxx in our area has a TON for like $35, and they look a lot like the ones you posted. i totally agree, they are definitely a must have. hope you find some!! :)