February 16, 2011

Weekend Wisdom.

I know this week is almost half over already, but seeing as I took a road trip to my college last weekend and have been having quite the busy work week, I'm a little behind on life (as you can see from my late Valentines Day posts). However, I am officially making 'Weekend Wisdom' a weekly occurrence so here goes:

1. Sometimes you just need some good ole fashioned girl talk/girls weekend to let it all out, and say ridiculous things. It's good for your mind, heart and soul.
2. However, when this girls weekend leads to large consumptions of alcoholic beverages, the next day will not feel good...though you will most certainly have some great stories. 
3. Moving away from my friends has made me realize how much I love them.
4. All-girl parties are SO much more fun than ones with guys. It's a simple truth. 
5. Some songs just explain how you're feeling better than words can. Some current ones have been by *Adele and Mumford and Sons (I know, its an obsession that has been repeated often on this blog). 
6. Long road trips in the car are made more bearable with Swedish Fish and Taylor Swift.

*The intro at the start of this video says it all. I cant remember if I've shared this song here or not (I know I have on FB), but it's just perfect, and so is this version. 

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