February 16, 2011

Wedding Fever

Why I torture myself, I do not know. For some reason, now that I am single, I have serious wedding fever. Though I know I'm being dramatic, I feel like everywhere I look there are engagements and weddings happening! And to top off my misery, anything to do with weddings is always gorgeous, so I am immediately drawn to it. Such as Anthropologie's new wedding line, BHLDN, that just launched this week. Just take a look at some of this from their website and you will understand what I'm saying:

all images via BHLDN.com

If you like to torture yourself with pretty wedding things like me, check out more on their website HERE.


  1. wow i love the first one...i have wedding fever too...i always hint to my boyfriend haha

  2. i personally don't want to get married but i can understand wanting that princess fantasy. i do find myself flipping through the bridal magazines at the check out stand thinking, "oooh i love that dress, i would try that on..." lol