February 5, 2013

January Glam Bag

Woah ugly still shot above.

Hi everyone!
Back again with some Glam Bag action. I recorded another video showing what I got in January's bag, and after I recorded the video I found the price of everything (below). Figuring out how much actually was in the bag made me a tad bit more excited about it. I guess I really did get my moneys worth, if I was actually going to buy all of those things on my own. 

Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy :)

(sample was 2.5oz so worth about $4.70)

Nailtini Nail Polish in "Bloody Mary": .5oz (full size) $13.00

Josie Maran Argan Oil: .5 oz $14.00


  1. Obsessed with these videos and I'll probably comment on every single item in your Glam Bag. I was actually just thinking to myself the other day that I could really use a concealer brush (breastfeeding makes me break out like crazy so I'm always covering up like minimum 3 blemishes, sorry if that is TMI haha). I love love anything blood orange, so I hope the body butter at least smells like one! I love nail polish too, obvi. big sexy hair is a great product, so jealous of that! Finally, I love oils for my hair because I have really dry, coarse hair. I use some sort of moroccan oil, but you should try the argan oil on your hair!

    1. AH Im so glad someone doesn't think I'm lame with these videos! haha. AND I LOVE the commenting keep on cominggg. So yea Im excited about the concealer brush too (that totally wasnt TMI. Since moving to the city idk if it's the gross air or the stress but my skin is a mess). I'm psyched to try the nail polish and hairspray and good to know about the oil! I've heard good things about oils and have gotten a bunch in my birchboxes but havent tried them yet. Now I need to for sure :)