February 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

Thank you lord this week is done! One word: BRUTAL. Between training for a new position while still doing my current one, and this lousy weather, this week was a long one. However, a few things did catch my eye during it...

I would like these please. 

My goal this week is to create something pretty awesome out of all this. Hopefully I'll show you the finished product soon!

These were my life savers today. They're pretty darn cute to boot (haha).

via Slice of Pink. Found HERE.
Hey future boyfriend...you should probably buy this lovely, romantic ring for me please. 
Enough said.


Love the colors. Want the whole outfit.

Another example of an office space I need to replicate.


Last 5 images from my tumblr.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Those JCrew flats are AMAZING! I want them now! Love spring shopping!!